AZMEC, Inc. is
a designer
and developer
of HealthWear Products.
We are nimble and flexible
in our timely response to our
customers' special and specific needs.
Our loyal and satisfied customers include:
  Doctors Offices
Rehabilitation Centers
Specialty Sports Applications
Government and Private Hospitals
National and International Distributors
Pharmacies and Durable Medical Equipment Outlets
The proprietary SHOULD'AIR® airplane splint demonstrates our aggressive response to today's market requirements, where comfort, form and function must address multiple modalities and purposes.
    We manufacture the finest orthopedic HealthWear products

The Company's long term objective is to build AZMEC, Inc into a world class orthopedic rehabilitative brand, recognized for innovation and quality, offering products to niche markets and establishing new market opportunities.

Located in Tustin,
Southern California


Established in 2002, AZMEC, Inc. was formed around the idea of providing proven quality orthopedic soft goods and to establish AZMEC, Inc as an innovator of rehabilitative solutions to promote patient quality of life.
In January of 2003 AZMEC, Inc. purchased the assets, designs, intellectual property, inventories, trade names and customer list of the premier orthopedic soft goods division of Orthopedic Systems, Inc. (OSI).  OSI's 25 year reputation as a manufacturer of quality soft goods has firmly placed AZMEC, Inc. as a reputable provider of orthopedic rehabilitative products with distribution in the North America, Europe and the Middle East.

We would be pleased to discuss making special sizes, that are not normally offered, for you at our in-house production facility.  Our staff, with over 25 years experience, is well qualified to design anatomically correct splints and bracing.